Eyes on the Bay

Due to major technical updates to our databases and servers, Eyes on the Bay will be offline starting October 1, 2015. We are working hard to bring the site back online and apologize for any inconvenience. Data are still being collected and available for important Chesapeake Bay management and restoration decisions.


In the interim, here are a few resources that may be helpful:

All Maryland final quality assured station data (physical, chemical, nutrient and sediment) is available via the EPA Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) datahub. Continuous monitor and Dataflow/Water Quality Mapping sonde data is not available at the CBP datahub
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If you have a pressing data request for academic, research or management needs, email us.
If there is an environmental emergency such as a spill, fish kill, observed natural resources violation, etc., call the Chesapeake Bay Safety and Environmental Hotline.
Maryland Aquatic Invasive Species Workgroup
Lower Susquehanna River Watershed Assessment
Maryland Ocean Acidification Task Force
Maryland Water Monitoring Council 2015 Annual Conference

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