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Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Maryland Biological Stream Survey

Stream Waders Program

MERLIN Online - Map Maryland Your Way

Maryland's Surf Your Watershed - Tracking Restoration Efforts in Maryland Tributaries

Spatially Intensive Monitoring

Eyes on the Bay: Real-time data for the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland coastal bays

The Maryland Department of the Environment

MDE Water Programs

Water Supply Program

MDE - Maryland Water Quality Monitoring

Sediment and Stormwater Program

MDE Water Quality Infrastrucure Program

MDE Wetland & Waterways Program

MWMC's Internet Map Server ('Clickable Map') (monitoring projects information)

MWMC - Sample Site Location Map

National Water Quality Monitoring Council

US Environmental Protection Agency

Chesapeake Bay Program

Chesapeake Bay Program - Monitoring

Chesapeake Bay Program - Restoring Water Quality


EPA Biological Indicators of Watershed Health

US Fish and Wildlife Service

US Geological Survey to obtain real-time streamflow data in MD-DE-DC. to access NWIS web for Maryland (Real-time data, published daily means, stats, peak flows, field measurements) to obtain instantaneous discharge data online. to access the 2006-08 USGS Water-Data Reports for the United States (new web interactive format starting with 2006 water year data). to access online USGS MD-DE-DC Water-Data Reports from water years 1997-2005.

The Student Conservation Association

Maryland State Water Quality Advisory Committee

Instream Flow Council

Susquehanna River Basin Commission

Susquehanna River Basin Commission - Fact Sheets

Chesapeake Bay Benthic Monitoring Program

Patuxent River Watershed Monitoring Inventory

Maryland Healthy Beaches Program

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Anne Arundel County Water Quality Monitoring Program

Baltimore County Watershed Monitoring

Baltimore City Dept. of Public Works

Harford County - Water Quality Monitoring

Howard County Stormwater Management

Montgomery County Biological Monitoring

Montgomery County Streams & Watersheds